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Soil Removal and Installation

Moving soil and other materials from or to difficult to reach areas is our specialty.  


Trenching/Drain Repairs

Trenching for gas lines, water line replacement, or drain repairs in tight difficult to reach areas is our specialty.



Augering attachment for bobcat to do fence post holes and footings. bit sizes range from 4, 6, 8, 12, 18 inch diameters.


Concrete Breaking

Whether it is breaking up an old concrete driveway or walkway this is the tool for the job. Can also be used for asphalt and splitting large rocks and stonework.


Driveway Resurfacing

Removing old driveway and
regrading before gravel is brought
in and compacted.



Grading surfaces for driveway prep to backyards for sod installation.

1525 Bay Street Victoria B.C.

T: 250.884.7340


Removing approximately 30 cubic yards of clean fill from renovation site with limited access for machinery.
Grading for new parking pad.
Regrading backyard. (before)
Perimeter drain replacement.
Regrading backyard.
Concrete breaking old concrete stairs.
Augering for fence post holes.
Digging trench for customer replacement of sewer lateral to street.
Breaking up old concrete driveway.
Breaking up old concrete around stump for stump removal.
Preparing area for customer installed above ground swimming pool.
Preparing garage for concrete driveway replacement.
Remove 6-8 inches of fill for roadbase installation before concrete install.
Removing 120 feet of shrubs.
Trenching for cedar tree installation after shrubs removed.
Installation of 115 cedar trees.
Carefully moving laurel shrubs to another location on customers property.
Reconditioning customer gravel driveway, removed approximatly 11 yards of fill.
Bringing in 10 yards of roadbase for driveway.
Finished driveway after compacting with machinery.
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